Day Three of the 2012 BC synod convention: Saturday, May 12th.

Greetings again.  I just got back to the hotel after another day of live blogging the synod convention.  You will find many photos from today and much more information over at

However, here are some highlights from today’s sessions.

  • One of the most exciting things that happened today was the chance to look at conceptual drawings for a completely re-imagined Lutheran Student Centre at the University of British Columbia.  Although these drawings reflect early concepts and it is still somewhat early in the process, it would seem that big things are afoot at UBC in the next few years!  Some photos of the architects’ displays are available on our facebook page.
  • The following representatives were elected to the Synod council: Rev. Tim Ledrew: Greater Vancouver Conference, Rev. Henry Guo: Lower Fraser Valley Conference, Jan Schulz: Southern Interior Conference, Joanne Solomonson: Vancouver Island Conference.
  • There was a great deal of thoughtful debate regarding the proposed restructuring plan for the national church during a “committee of the whole” session.
  • A series of resolutions were brought before the convention in order to facilitate the proposed merger with the Synod of Alberta and the Territories.  The first of these resolutions was as follows:  “Be it resolved that the council of the British Columbia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada be authorized and directed to take any and all necessary action in collaboration with the council of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada to create a new synod, comprising the following geographical area, namely British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon territory, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.” This resolution, requiring a 2/3 majority to pass, was defeated:  84 valid ballots cast, Yes: 54 votes  No: 30 votes.  64.3% in favor.
  • A number of motions were passed in support of Archbishop Fred Hiltz and the Anglican bishops of BC and the Yukon’s statement “The Northern Gateway Pipeline: Integrity of the Environmental Impact Review”.  This document may be found here.  The convention passed a motion urging congregations to publicize and support this statement.
  • Several motions were also passed in support of the BC Poverty Reduction Commission’s “Call to Action“. Our synod’s congregations are invited to become signatories: Details may be found at
  • Two motions were passed before we adjourned for the evening to help us move forward in the light of the defeated restructuring motion:     1. MOVED that the BC Synod continue to explore ways and look for opportunities to work together with the Synod of Alberta and the Territories to further the mission of the Church in western Canada.This motion was carried unanimously.    2. Moved that the BC Synod in convention direct the Synod Council to seek further engagement with the National Church Council of the ELCIC, the Synod of Alberta and the Territories, the Synod of Saskatchewan, and the Synod of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, to develop options for the structure of the church in order to achieve our goals in mission and ministry in the 21st century. This motion was carried.



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