Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (June 24, 2012)

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(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “Spirit of God” you are invited to respond…

1. With reverence for the earth, those in need and the whole human family let us offer our prayers to God.

A brief silence.

2. We pray that you would continue to send courageous heralds and messengers to call all to the dawn of mercy and peace. We pray also that we would heed and not reject their warnings and their call to action.
Spirit of God

3. We pray for all faith communities who seek to call their people to renew their commitment to their Lord and Saviour. We pray at this time for our neighboring religious communities, for our partner Anglican Church of Canada and for our sister congregations in the BC Synod: in particular we pray for Christ Lutheran Church in Chilliwack and their pastor, Dean Anderson; and for Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran church in Comox, and their pastor, Ron Sedo. May all members and all pastors enjoy good health and supportive friends as they seek to serve their church and their communities.
Spirit of God:

4. We pray that the light of your presence would comfort, strengthen and give healing to all who sit in the darkness of addiction, despair, pain or illness, we pray especially for those we now name aloud or quietly in our heart…

In this coming week may we be instruments of guidance and encouragement to all we meet.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

5. Lord, we thank you for those who are celebrating graduations, marriages and other special events during this season.
– So we thank you for those who have the gift of another birthday or another anniversary, and for those who have known the gift of new life:
– And we thank you for your Word which invites us to repent even as it invites us to accept the forgiveness of God and one another;
– Finally we thank you for those special blessings we name aloud at this time….

Lord, continue to help us experience your presence in our devotions and in our daily life.

6. We pray that the bright summer sun would nourish and refresh trees, plants, crops and vegetation, and that we would delight in these midsummer days, reveling in the long hours of daylight and the great favor you have bestowed on your people.
Spirit of God:

7. Receive our hopes and prayers; O God of mercy, for great is your faithfulness in Christ Jesus our Lord. AMEN.

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