Sixth Sunday after Pentecost (July 8, 2012)

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(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “Spirit of God” you are invited to respond…

1. With reverence for the earth, those in need and the whole human family let us offer our prayers to God.

A brief silence.

2. We pray for bishops, pastors, teachers, lay leaders and prophets as they call all people to a life of repentance and of renewal.
Spirit of God:

3. Deepen the genuine love of all communities of faith and send their members forth filled with courage and with hope. We pray at this time for our neighboring religious communities, for our partner Anglican Church of Canada and for our sister congregations in the BC Synod: in particular we pray for Trinity Lutheran Church in Delta and their their interim pastor, Art McCaughan; and for Benediction Lutheran Church in Delta and their interim pastor, Dave Lefsrud. May all members of all faith communities reflect the love of God in whatever circumstances they are facing in life.
Spirit of God:

4. We pray for the nations of the world, especially those whose people are threatened with despair in the face of repression and with no sign of a leadership that would give hope.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

5. We pray for those we who weary from pain, worry, aging, grief or ill health especially those we now name aloud or quietly I our heart …

May all know the grace which is sufficient for all who are in need.
And in this coming week help us to reflect your grace in all of our relationships.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

6. Lord, we thank you for those who are celebrating graduations, marriages and other special events during this season.
– we thank you for those who have the gift of another birthday or another anniversary, and for those who have known the gift of new life:
– And we thank you for your prophets of old and your present prophets who call us to a new way of thinking and of living;
– Finally we thank you for those special blessings we name aloud at this time….

Lord, continue to help us know your presence in all people.

7. We pray for the well-being of animals and plants, earth and sky, water and air. And we pray that your Spirit would lead us to avoid decisions that contribute to ill health.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

8. Receive our hopes and prayers; O God of mercy, for great is your faithfulness in Christ Jesus our Lord. AMEN.

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