Seventh Sunday after Pentecost (July 15, 2012)

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(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “Spirit of God” you are invited to respond…

1. With reverence for the earth, those in need and the whole human family let us offer our prayers to God.

A brief silence.

2. We pray that the church, its leaders and today’s prophets would share with us their courage and their wisdom in proclaiming God’s desire for truth and justice.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

3. We pray in thanksgiving for members of this assembly who choose to give generously of their time, their abilities and their gifts so that we and others would have opportunities to worship and grow in divine knowledge.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

4. Deepen the genuine love of all communities and their desire to be servants of a loving God. We pray at this time for our neighboring religious communities–for our partner Anglican Church of Canada and for our sister congregations in the BC Synod: in particular we pray for St. Peter’s Shared Ministry in Hudson’s Hope and those who serve in that community; and we pray for Peace Lutheran Church in Fort St John and their pastor Kabede Dibaba as together they determine the future of their ministry. May all members of all faith communities always reflect the love and patience of God.
Spirit of God:

5. We pray for judges and magistrates, political and civic leaders, fire fighters and police officers, arbitrators and mediators that their courage, wisdom and skills would help all to live in peace and security.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

6. We pray for those who work in labs and in research that they would find cures to diseases of body and mind so that all would know the gift of a long and pain free life. We pray for those who at this time are not well, who are in pain or fearful of their future; in particular we pray at this time for those we name aloud or quietly in our heart…

May all know the grace which is sufficient for all who are in need.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

7. Lord, we thank you for those who are celebrating graduations, marriages and other special events during this season.
– we thank you for those who have the gift of another birthday or another anniversary, and for those who have known the gift of new life:
– we thank you for our knowledge of your special love for us;
– Finally we thank you for those special blessings we name aloud at this time….

Lord, continue to help us recognize your loving presence.
Spirit of GOD:

8. Lord God, we give thanks for all the faithful who were marked with the seal of the spirit and whose memories remain precious to us.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

9. Receive our hopes and prayers; O God of mercy, for great is your faithfulness in Christ Jesus our Lord. AMEN.

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