Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost (Aug 12, 2012)

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(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “Spirit of God” you are invited to respond…

1. With reverence for the earth, those in need and the whole human family let us offer our prayers to God.

A brief silence.

2. We pray that church in its pilgrimage would be sustained as it lives out its mission to its members and to the community in these difficult times.

3. We pray that you would form us into people who are forgiving and caring as we seek to imitate the sacrificial love of our common Lord.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER

4. We pray also at this time for our neighboring religious communities, for our partner Anglican Church of Canada and for our sister congregations in the BC Synod: in particular we pray for St Paul’s Lutheran church in Maple Ridge and their pastor, Roland Ziprick; and for Matsqui Lutheran church in Matsqui and those who serve there; and we pray for all institutions, staff and visitors who care for the elderly and the sick. May all who minster to others, feed on and share the bread of life.
Spirit of God: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

5. We pray that all who are now facing addiction, pain, danger or uncertainty in their life and in the life of family members that they would be blessed by the miracle of faith in their difficult times. We pray in particular for those we name aloud or quietly at this time …

May all who are in need, be sustained by your presence and by our
actions and by our understanding.
Spirit of GOD:

6. Lord, we thank you for those who are celebrating graduations, marriages and other special events during this season.
– we thank you for those who have the gift of another birthday or another anniversary, and for those who have known the gift of new life:
– we thank you for the gift of bread in all its forms;
– we thank you for your bread of life that feeds us;
– Finally we thank you for those special blessings we name aloud at this time….

Lord, continue to help us see your presence in our daily life and in the understanding and help from friends and strangers.
Spirit of GOD:

7. We pray that the earth would be nourished with sun and rain and that creatures, great and small, would be protected from disease, famine and drought.
Spirit of GOD:

8. We pray that we would take our place with all the saints who have eaten the bread of life on earth and who now share in your heavenly banquet.
Spirit of God:

9. Receive our hopes and prayers; O God of mercy, for great is your faithfulness in Christ Jesus our Lord. AMEN.

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