First Sunday of Christmas (December 29, 2013)

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rev. Gerald Mitchinson

click here to download a copy of the prayers

(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “Together we pray” you are invited to respond

1. As we prepare to enter a new year, we pray for the church, those in need, and all of God’s creation.

A brief moment of silence and reflection

2. Throughout the coming year fill us with a hunger for your love. Establish justice in the ways that food is grown and distributed. Work through us and all agencies to provide food, shelter and medical care to the many who are destitute in the world.
Together we pray: COME, LORD JESUS.

3. Draw near to all children, the sisters and brothers of Jesus. Free the young and vulnerable ones who are in the chains of abuse, poverty or neglect. Give them and their caregivers life in its fullness
Together we pray: COME, LORD JESUS.

4. We pray this morning for your faithful flock throughout the world. We pray for our partner Anglican Church of Canada, for our neighboring faith communities, and for the congregations of the BC Synod: in particular we pray for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Coquitlam and their pastor, Eric Krushel; and for King of Life Lutheran church in Coquitlam and their pastor, Kathy Martin. May all communities of faith be instruments of hope as they enter a new year of life and ministry.
Together we pray: COME, LORD JESUS.

5. Make your ways known to all the nations and to all leaders. Join all people together, young and old, rich and poor in order to work your righteous and caring way among them.
Together we pray: COME, LORD JESUS.

6. Ease the suffering of all who live with chronic illness, addiction, broken relationships or stress. We pray especially for those we name aloud or quietly in our heart at this time …

Through your promises and our personal ministry bring all the assurance of your compassion and care.
Together we pray: COME, LORD JESUS.

7. God, you are the giver of gifts in the past and promises for the future:
– we thank you for the promise to be with us in whatever life brings;
– we thank you for those who have known the gift of another birthday, another anniversary, or the gift of new life;
– finally, we thank you for those special blessings we name at this time….
Together we pray: COME, LORD JESUS

8. Remembering your promise that draws the saints into one community, join our voices with theirs in praise of all the good things you continue to do for your people.
Together we pray: COME, LORD JESUS.

9. Almighty God, we entrust to you all for whom we pray confident that you fulfill your promises through Christ our Savior and Lord. AMEN

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