Lectionary 26 (September 28, 2014)

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rev. Gerald Mitchinson

click here to download a copy of the prayers

(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “God of new life” you are invited to respond


  1. Led by the Spirit, let us join the whole people of God in Christ Jesus in praying for the church, those in need and all of God’s creation

      A brief period of silence.

  1. We pray for this congregation and for all communities of faith that they would be faithful and courageous in their ministry to their members and to their community. In particular we pray for our partner Anglican Church of Canada and for the congregations of our BC Synod. At this time we pray for Living Faith Lutheran Church in Sechelt and their pastor, Ian Nestegaard Paul; and for Lord of Life Lutheran mission in Haida-Gwaii. Bless and encourage the many people who give their time and their talents in order that the world may see evidence of God’s love for them.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. Refresh the leaders and the people of all nations with your compassion so people would know security for themselves and their neighbours.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. Rush to the aid of those who wait for the assurance of your presence. Heal their pain, mend their brokenness, take away their sorrow and relieve their burdens. We pray especially for those we name aloud or quietly in our heart at this time…

Help us in this coming week to be instruments of your healing presence.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER

5. God, we thank you for your many blessings past and present:

– we thank you for not wearying at forgiving us;
 – we thank you for reminding us to be stewards of our possessions and our time;
  – we thank you at this time for those who have known the gift of another birthday, another anniversary,
    or the give of new life;   
  – finally, we thank you for those special blessings we name at this time….

  God of new life: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. Teach us how to both value and enjoy the beauty of your creation with humility and with our daily responsible decisions.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. Make our joy complete in the knowledge of the good news of the resurrection. Console those who mourn and give us the assurance of your presence in this life and the next.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. Trusting in your mercy and goodness, we bring before you these prayers and whatever else you see that we need, We pray in the name of the one who has set us free, Jesus Christ our Saviour. AMEN


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