All Saints Sunday (November 2, 2014)

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use be Rev Gerald Mitchinson

 click here to download a copy of the prayers

(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “God of new life” you are invited to respond


  1. With the whole people of God in Christ Jesus let us pray for the church, those in need and all of God’s creation

      A brief period of silence.

  1. We remember in thanksgiving the saints in the past and in the present who have blessed us with their example of humility, their capacity to forgive and their dedication.   Continue to bless us with people of God who love their church and their neighbor. In particular at this time we pray for our partner Anglican Church of Canada.   And we pray for the congregations in our B.C. Synod: for Peace Lutheran Church in Vernon and their pastor, Richard Schulz; and for St Peter’s Estonian Lutheran church in Vancouver and the pastors who serve that community. May the members of all faith communities seek diligently to be a blessing to each other and to their community.

God of new life: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for leaders and for volunteers in our church who are willing to work with joy so that the church’s ministries would continue to proclaim in word and in deed the good news of Jesus Christ.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for nations suffering from oppression, sectarian violence, hunger and chronic disease.   Continue to raise up new leaders and new volunteers who seek to be a courageous and a healing presence in those nations.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for our sisters and brothers in our community who are lonely, suffering from addiction or broken relationships and those who are ill and in pain. We pray especially for those we name aloud or quietly at this time…

In this coming week may we see opportunities to care for others.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

6. Lord, you are the giver of all good gifts

  • we thank you for those saints of old who sustained the church of Jesus Christ in its darkest hours;
  • we thank you for the memories of those saints we have known who have nurtured our lives and our faith;
  • we thank you for the saints of our time who risk their lives to care for those suffering from chronic illness;
  • we thank you at this time for those who have known the gift of another birthday, another anniversary, or the gift of new life;  finally, we thank you for those special blessings we name at this time….

God of new life: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for wisdom and commitment for the task of restoring and protecting God’s good creation so that we and future generations would be assured of clean water, clean air and the fruits of the earth.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We give thanks for all the faithful who have been precious to us and who have died in this past year. We name those aloud or quietly at this time…

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. Receive our prayers and our hopes, Good Shepherd, and bring us at the end of our life safely into the joy and peace that is in Christ Jesus, our Lord. AMEN



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