Lectionary 33 (November 16, 2014)

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rev. Gerald Mitchinson

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(Congregation may be invited to be seated for prayer.)

With the prayer “God of new life” you are invited to respond:  HEAR OUR PRAYER

  1. Remembering the saints who have gone before us and giving thanks for God’s many blessings, we pray for the church, those in need and all of God’s creation

      A brief period of silence.

  1. May the members of all congregation and all faith communities be found to be faithful in their use and their sharing of their time, talents and treasures In particular we pray for the members of our partner Anglican Church of Canada, and for the members of the congregations in our B.C. Synod: for Grace Lutheran Church in Victoria and their interim pastor, Jim Hill; for Mount Olive Lutheran church in Surrey and their pastor, Peter Hanson; and for the multi faith chaplaincy which seeks to bring care and hope to those who are incarcerated. May all communities of faith be examples of care and of hope

God of new life: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for our congregation that it continues to sow seeds of love, forgiveness and hope even as we yearn for the day when there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for all creation, for the wonder of wind and tide, of mountains and plains; of rivers and oceans, and that we would celebrate daily the creator’s gifts entrusted to us.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for all nations, their leaders and governments, that they replace power, pride, greed and enmity with examples of justice, mercy and reconciliation.

God of new life: HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. We pray for the lonely, the disheartened, those who suffer from debilitating illness, those suffering from broken relationships and those who in pain. We pray in particular for those we name aloud or quietly ….

May all who are in need, know our patience and our care.

God of new life: HEAR OUR PRAYER

7.   Lord, you are the giver of all good gifts

  • we thank you for the gifts you have given us, and for our opportunities to share them;
  • we thank you for those who have shared the gift of their time with us in our moments of need;
  • we thank you at this time for those who have known the gift of another birthday, another anniversary, or the gift of new life;
  • finally, we thank you for those special blessings we name at this time….

God of new life: HEAR OUR PRAYER

  1. We give thanks for all the saints and for the memories of their faithfulness, their patience and their care for us.

God of new life:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

  1. Receive our prayers and hopes, Good Shepherd and bring us safely into the eternal life of joy and peace through Christ our Lord. AMEN.

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