Fifth Sunday of Easter—May 3, 2015

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber

click here to download a copy of the prayers

With the words “God of wholeness and health,” you are invited to respond:


Confident that the Risen One invites us into righteousness, we pray for the church, the world, and all people in need.

A moment of silence

Grace the church throughout the world with the compelling message of compassion, goodwill, and hope for all things good and beautiful and true.

God of wholeness and health,  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Teach us to live tenderly with plants and animals, tend our precious waterways, and enjoy the favorable weather as we move towards summer plenitude.

God of wholeness and health,  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Give wisdom to judges, lawyers, and court officials, and for government leaders and all who seek justice in a difficult world, so that all might be treated with fairness and equity.

God of wholeness and health,  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Enable all who yearn for meaning and community with others to find mentors and guideposts along the way. Send your Holy Spirit among us all as we welcome those visiting with us today and think of those familiar ones absent from worship today.

God of wholeness and health,  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Whisper into the hearts and minds of those who are poor, hungry, bereaved, distressed, and sick that they might know the unfathomable depths of your love. We pray especially for those we name aloud or in our hearts….

(Include those listed in the bulletin for prayer)

God of wholeness and health,  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Help us find ever-more creative and effective ways to work with our partner Anglican Church of Canada. Today we ask special blessings the congregations of our BC Synod: St. Peter Estonian Lutheran in Vancouver and Pastor Algur Kaerma and Peace Lutheran in Vernon and Interim Pastor Ron Sedo.

God of wholeness and health,  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Bring to our minds a loving remembrance of the saints past and present, living and dead, who inspire us to walk the path of faith and godliness, and enable us to join their ranks in fostering the growth of young saints in our midst.

God of wholeness and health,  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Holy God, you have given your own child to walk this earth so many years ago and to travel with us now day by day, granting us new life and abundance beyond all measure. In the name of that Risen One, we pray:  AMEN

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