Seventh Sunday of Easter Lord—May 17, 2015

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber

click here to download a copy of the prayers

With the words “We are your people,” you are invited to respond:


Confident that Jesus has ascended with a shout, we offer our petitions for the church, the world, and all people in need.

A moment of silence

Inform your church and all its members with creativity and boldness, humility and hope, as they seek to communicate the good news in ways that it can be felt and fostered.

We are your people, HEAR US AS WE PRAY.

Help us to use the resources of earth gently and gratefully, that our earth can sustain favorable weather, calm waters and seas, and that we may join with people of all lands in praising the glory of creation.

We are your people, HEAR US AS WE PRAY.

Make us fierce advocates for peace and an end to the ravages of war that prevent your children from pursuing the quiet work of establishing homes and families, raising children, and creating societies thrumming with what humanity can do.

We are your people, HEAR US AS WE PRAY.

Shine your warmth upon those of us gathered here, praising you and garnering strength for the challenges in our homes and livelihoods. Let us celebrate with those marking special occasions, that you always are part of these milestones.

We are your people, HEAR US AS WE PRAY.

Move us to take time and find ways to touch those we encounter who are sick, poor, hungry, alone, or in need of special attention. We pray especially for those we name aloud or in our hearts.

(Include those listed in the bulletin for prayer)

We are your people, HEAR US AS WE PRAY.

Teach us how to reach into our community through our partnership with Anglican Church of Canada and through the congregations of our BC Synod, especially Grace Lutheran Church in Victoria and Interim Pastor Raymond Schultz and Mount Olive Lutheran in Surrey and Pastor Peter Hanson. Help people to heal through prison ministries across the country.

We are your people, HEAR US AS WE PRAY.

Alert us to at least one moment in the coming week when we stand and marvel at what our faith causes us to know and celebrate.

We are your people, HEAR US AS WE PRAY.

Holy God, hear our prayers for the sake of the one who has said, look not unto the heavens for Jesus walks among us. In his name, AMEN

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