The Holy Trinity, First Sunday after Pentecost—May 31, 2015

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber

With the words “Hear us and bless us,” you are invited to respond:


Trusting the mystery of the holy dance of the Trinity, the three in one, one in three, we pray for the church, the world, and all the bounty and beauty of creation.

A moment of silence

Holy God, you are with us as live as your church gathered here and dispersed among those with whom we live and work, laugh and cry, play and prosper. Inspire the newly baptized, inspire church leaders, and renew us all to live forward our blessed legacy.

Hear us and bless us, WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

Creating God, you fill the universe with splendor, from the smallest cells and seeds to the intricacy of the complex brain that makes us human and the ecosystem that sustains every moment on our blessed planet.

Hear us and bless us, WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

God of justice, move us to use our power to bring fairness to a world torn by war and unequal distribution of wealth. Bless us as we offer mercy to those who are angry, food to those who hunger, and peace to perpetrators and victims of violence.

Hear us and bless us, WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

Compassionate One, use us as your heart and hands to visit and offer healing and hope to those who are sick or injured in mind, body, or spirit. We pray especially today for children–the orphaned, the neglected, the injured–that they receive the loving support that can give them resilience for a lifetime. Hear the prayers we speak aloud or quietly in our hearts.

(Include those listed in the bulletin for prayer)

Hear us and bless us, WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

Loving Spirit, infect our cells that we know what it means to live and move, to have our very being in you. And, as Mary visited Elizabeth in her waiting, move among those awaiting birth or preparing for adoption, struggling to conceive, or coming to terms with being unable to have the children they desire.

Hear us and bless us, click here to download a copy of the prayersWE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

Teach us how to reach into our community through our partnership with Anglican Church of Canada and through the congregations of our BC Synod, especially Peace Lutheran Church in Abbotsford and Pastor Christoph Reiners and Emmaus Lutheran in Burnaby and Pastor Timo Saarinen. Bless our companion synod in Peru that it serve its people with vision and respect for their context.

Hear us and bless us, WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

God of life, we remember the saints who inspire us, especially Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. With them, we bear witness to the wonder of faith ever-sustaining and ever-renewing.

Hear us and bless us, WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE.

Receive these prayers and the deepest yearnings within us that escape words, in the name of the Christ. AMEN

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