December 13, 2015 – Third Sunday of Advent

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber

click here to download a copy of the prayers

Emmanuel has come, Emmanuel is here, Emmanuel is coming soon. Let us wait with anticipation for God’s promises to the church, the earth, and those in need.

a brief silence

With the words, God of waiting and wonder, you are invited to respond “hear our prayer.”

Give the courage of compassion to your church throughout the world, to bishops, pastors and seminaries as they translate your presence into the fabric of the everyday. Give us all the ways of people redeemed by letting go of fears and failings.

God of waiting and wonder; hear our prayer 

Stir us to protect our globe, marvel at glaciers, and celebrate this time when vegetation is dormant and animals hibernate. Let us take our own time to be inward and pensive as we move into the light of the world.

God of waiting and wonder; hear our prayer

Move us to love the nations of the world in all their diversity, to support soldiers and police, and to oppose oppression. Guide us in our welcome of Syrian refugees seeking a new life and new history in Canada. Help us to make room for newcomers.

God of waiting and wonder; hear our prayer

Open our hearts and minds to those in need: the sick, the cold, and the injured; the outcasts. Let us ponder those who will die today, that they may feel our spirits with them as they move on. We pray especially for those we name aloud or in the silence of our hearts. (include those in the bulletin)

God of waiting and wonder; hear our prayer

Merge our spirits with your tenacious love as we create and re-create a congregation that is family that embodies joy, and draws us into service to your beloved world. Your kingdom comes slowly, surely through us as we receive the bread and wine of your abundance and grace.

God of waiting and wonder; hear our prayer

Make us willing and able to appreciate the commonalities and the differences we fold together in our partnership with the Anglican Church of Canada. Bless the congregations of the BC Synod, especially Chetwynd Shared Ministry in Chetwynd and Christ Lutheran in Chilliwack and Pastor Dean Andersen.

God of waiting and wonder’ hear our prayer

Call to our memory all the people of faith who inspired us and have moved into eternity, especially the martyr Lucy, also known as Santa Lucia. Help us, like them, to move through our lives in a way that the gift of baptism becomes ever more real, ever more transformative.

God of waiting and wonder; hear our prayer

With the hunger of a lover awaiting the touch of the beloved, we commend all for whom we pray.




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