April 1, 2018 – Resurrection of Our Lord

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber

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We invite you to include the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Bishops of your region in your prayers.

Anglican Bishops:

  • Bishop Logan McMenamie, Diocese of British Columbia
  • Bishop Melissa Skelton, Diocese of New Westminster
  • Bishop David Lehmann, Diocese of Caledonia
  • Bishop John Privett, Diocese of Kootenay
  • Bishop Barbara Andrews, Diocese of The Territory of the People

Roman Catholic Bishops:

  • Archdiocese of Vancouver – Archbishop Michael Miller
  • Diocese of Kamloops – Bishop Joseph Nguyen
  • Diocese of Nelson – Bishop Robert Bourgon
  • Diocese of Prince George – Bishop Stephen Jensen
  • Diocese of Victoria – Bishop Gary Gordon

Prayers for April 1, 2018 – Resurrection of Our Lord

With the words “O luminous dawn of rebirth” you are invited to respond:

HEAR OUR PRAYER.In the luminous light of rebirth, we pray for the life of the church, the world, and people in need.

A moment of silence

O luminous dawn of rebirth

You draw our eyes up from despair to the Mount of Olives where the tomb is empty, where the grieving women find joy nearly beyond belief. They rush to tell the story of the wisdom of God freed from the shroud of death–a surprise of seeming foolishness.

O luminous dawn of rebirth

Blessed are you, Incarnated God, who chose the hands and feet, hearts and minds, of our humanity as the way to touch us most deeply. Blessed are you for teaching us the beauty of the flesh and the earth that sustains it. Help us to care for ourselves with the same love you poured into Jesus Christ. Make us willing to change our habits so that the earth flourishes and resources are replenished.

O luminous dawn of rebirth

Blessed are you for choosing young and old to do your work in the world, whether or not goodness is done in your name. Nourish the people gathered here that they may be strengthened to do the good, the right, and the true. Let us participate in your heaven, here and now, and always.

O luminous dawn of rebirth

Blessed are you for showing us old and new ways to participate in your Incarnation with faithful people everywhere. We pray especially for our partner Anglican Church of Canada, the Anglican Bishop in your region and our own Bishop Greg. We pray for the congregations of our BC Synod: Spirit of Life Lutheran in Vancouver and Pastor Clifford Reinhardt and North Thompson Ecumenical Shared Ministry in Barriere and Clearwater and Pastor Brian Krushel.

O luminous dawn of rebirth

Blessed are you for your special affection to those who are ill and suffering, lonely and fearful, forgotten and broken. We pray especially for those we name aloud or quietly in our heart….
(Include those listed in the bulletin for prayer)

O luminous dawn of rebirth

May each day open like a book we cannot wait to read. Open us all to gratitude as a daily companion as we dwell in your love and care, in the name of Christ whose tenderness knows no limits.


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