October 7, 2018 – Time after Pentecost (Autumn)

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber

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We invite you to include the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Bishops of your region in your prayers.

Anglican Bishops:

  • Bishop Logan McMenamie, Diocese of British Columbia
  • Bishop Melissa Skelton, Diocese of New Westminster
  • Bishop David Lehmann, Diocese of Caledonia
  • Bishop John Privett, Diocese of Kootenay
  • Bishop Barbara Andrews, Diocese of The Territory of the People

Roman Catholic Bishops:

  • Archdiocese of Vancouver – Archbishop Michael Miller
  • Diocese of Kamloops – Bishop Joseph Nguyen
  • Diocese of Nelson – Bishop Robert Bourgon
  • Diocese of Prince George – Bishop Stephen Jensen
  • Diocese of Victoria – Bishop Gary Gordon

Prayers for October 7, 2018 – Time After Pentecost (Autumn)

With the words “God of stillness and breath,” you are invited to respond:   HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Acknowledging that our baptism has made us part of the family of Jesus, we pray for the life of the church, the world, and people who are hungry and needy.

A moment of silence

God of all thankfulness and praise, we come to you with hands full of the bounty of the harvest. Gather us around tables laden with good food and the celebration of shared blessings. Move us to share our wealth of foods and goods with those who have too little. Protect all those who travel on this holiday weekend.

God of stillness and breath  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Help us to view animals and forests, seas and snakes, deserts and tropical forests as your footprint on the earth we love. Make us increasingly aware that the diversity of this planet reflects your desire for abundance and blessing that reaches all people.

God of stillness and breath  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Breathe your spirit into those who rule, that governments become more just and countries safer and more blessed. Call us to take part in civic life, and to stay present with the controversies that rage when we take a position for the good of all.

God of stillness and breath  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Join our voices with all those who give thanks for good medical care and healing that follow illness or injury. Bless all those who work in medical professions, that their skills may provide healing, consolation, and well-being.

God of stillness and breath  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

Bless the continuing communion with our partner Anglican Church of Canada, their Bishop in your region, the Roman Catholic Church, their Bishop in your region and our own Bishop Greg. We pray for the congregations of our BC Synod: Dunbar in Vancouver and Pastor Thomas Keeley and for the BC Synod staff.

God of stillness and breath  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

 Reveal yourself to us as we walk the pilgrimage of our earthly life. Give us strength to carry on when we must, take time for ourselves when we must–and the wisdom to know the difference. Hear our petitions for those whose names we say aloud or silently in our hearts.

(Include those listed in the bulletin for prayer)

God of stillness and breath  HEAR OUR PRAYER.

We join hands and move with the music in the dance of the mysterious three-in-one and one-in-three.


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