January 6, 2019 –  Epiphany of our Lord

The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber

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We invite you to include the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Bishops of your region in your prayers.

Anglican Bishops:

  • Bishop Logan McMenamie, Diocese of British Columbia
  • Bishop Melissa Skelton, Diocese of New Westminster
  • Bishop David Lehmann, Diocese of Caledonia
  • Bishop David Lehmann, Diocese of Kootenay
  • Bishop Barbara Andrews, Diocese of The Territory of the People

Roman Catholic Bishops:

  • Archdiocese of Vancouver – Archbishop Michael Miller
  • Diocese of Kamloops – Bishop Joseph Nguyen
  • Diocese of Nelson – Bishop Robert Bourgon
  • Diocese of Prince George – Bishop Stephen Jensen
  • Diocese of Victoria – Bishop Gary Gordon

Prayers for January 6, 2019 – Epiphany of our Lord

 With the words “Led by a star into a new era,” you are invited to respond: Hear our prayer.

As we look to the little child who leads us, we pray for the life of the church, the world, and the radiance of all faithful people in all times and places.

A moment of silence

In the bleak midwinter, the crisp, cold stars connect us with the cosmos, with the nature that is the ultimate gift of the Creative Spirit. Move us toward nature and its power to sustain and heal us in a time when many things are mundane and banal.

“Led by a star into a new era,”  Hear our prayer.

In the bleak midwinter, we trust and look forward to the rejuvenating cycles of spring, summer, and fall—the hope and abundance that always follows on the heels of scarcity and fear. Instil in us fierce love of the earth and our wildlife, with appreciation of the tenacious birds and beasts who manage to survive our urban proliferation.

“Make us people of goodwill in our time and place,”   Hear us, we pray.

 In the bleak midwinter, we wrap ourselves in the luminosity of the Light of the World, as we pray for the world and its endless troubles. May we hang on to small progress, that we may not become discouraged by the bad news we hear daily.

“Led by a star into a new era,”  Hear our prayer.

In the bleak midwinter, we pray for compassion—that deep compassion for ourselves and our own struggles that empowers us to live and act in compassion for others nearby and far away. We pray for all those who are oppressed, surviving in refugee camps, and carving out lives in unutterable poverty and deprivation.

“Led by a star into a new era,”  Hear our prayer.

In the bleak midwinter, we celebrate your light of healing and pray for those who suffer in silence, in the morass of the pains of mind, body, and spirit. We pray especially for those we name aloud or in the silence of our hearts.

(include those listed in the bulletin for prayers)

“Led by a star into a new era,”  Hear our prayer.

God of holy alliances, enrich our partnership with the Anglican Church of Canada and Bishop (name bishop in your region), the Roman Catholic churches and Bishop (name bishop in your area) and our own Bishop Greg. We offer prayers for the churches of our synod, especially Benediction in Delta and Pastor Thomas Keeley and Trinity in Delta and Pastor Jennifer Wilson.

“Led by a star into a new era,”  Hear our prayer.

In the bleak midwinter, we see each lengthening day as a reminder of the light that is and that is to come. May we wrap light around us, a shroud to protect us from discouragement and dark thoughts. Make us bold in grabbing hold of the courage within us to move beyond the thoughts and actions that cripple us.

“Led by a star into a new era,”  Hear our prayer.

Trusting forevermore in the God who lights our way into a fruitful future, we pray in the name of the Christ Child. AMEN.

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