May 5, 2019 – Third Sunday of Easter


The following prayers have been adapted for congregational use by Rebecca Garber 

We invite you to include the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Bishops of your region in your prayers.

Anglican Bishops:

  • Bishop Logan McMenamie, Diocese of British Columbia
  • ArchBishop Melissa Skelton, Diocese of New Westminster
  • Bishop David Lehmann, Diocese of Caledonia
  • Bishop David Lehmann, Diocese of Kootenay
  • Bishop Barbara Andrews, Diocese of The Territory of the People

Roman Catholic Bishops:

  • Archdiocese of Vancouver – Archbishop Michael Miller
  • Diocese of Kamloops – Bishop Joseph Nguyen
  • Diocese of Nelson – Bishop Robert Bourgon
  • Diocese of Prince George – Bishop Stephen Jensen
  • Diocese of Victoria – Bishop Gary Gordon

Prayers for May 5, 2019 – Third Sunday of Easter

Let us remember your acts of grace as we pray for new life within the church and all believers, the world, and those in need.

A moment of silence

To the words “O God of endless possibility” you are invited to respond “Burst open our hearts.”

Make your church a place of welcome and empathy for all people, and inspire us all to embody hospitality and compassion as we move through our days. Infuse us with the joy of giving ourselves, our time, and our possessions for the greater good.

O God of endless possibility. Burst open our hearts.

Teach us the power of diversity in nature. Let us advocate for genetic diversity in foods and participate in preserving heritage seeds for ongoing use. Encourage us to see ourselves as part of the panoply of nature, and embrace all creatures as brothers and sisters in the grand adventure of life. Let us live lightly on this earth, preserving its resources for fair distribution to all.

O God of endless possibility. Burst open our hearts.

Save us from the blinding forces of tribalism and nationalism that work against the needs of immigrants, refugees, and visionaries who see old things in radically new ways. Open our hearts and minds to the wealth of perspectives that lead to increased understanding.

O God of endless possibility. Burst open our hearts.

Bring relief to bodies and minds weary with pain, sickness, and the struggle that it can be to carry on in the face of relentless challenge. Bless doctors, nurses, hospice workers, home health care providers, therapists, social workers, and all caregivers who demonstrate your love and healing. We pray for those we name aloud or silently within our hearts.

(include those listed in the bulletin for prayers)

O God of endless possibility. Burst open our hearts.

As you feed us today at the holy supper, let us go out nourished and ready to help feed others. Bless those who farm, fish, bake, and cook. Stand alongside restaurant servers, grocery store workers, and food pantry volunteers. Help us to participate in food reclamation efforts so that food often wasted instead satisfies the hungry. Let us eat our food with gusty and deep appreciation.

O God of endless possibility. Burst open our hearts.

Continue the renewal in working with the Anglican Church of Canada and Bishop (name bishop in your region), the Roman Catholic churches and Bishop (name bishop in your area) and our own Bishop Greg. We offer prayers for the churches of our synod, especially St. Peter Estonian in Vancouver and Pastor Algur Kaerma, Peace in Vernon and Pastor David Hunter, and for our pastors serving Anglican congregations.

O God of endless possibility. Burst open our hearts.

Fill our minds with good memories and thankfulness for what has made us unique. We praise you for the faith within us that may wax and wane but never leave us outside the protection of eternal love. Quiet us enough within our ever-stimulating times to hear the urgings of your spirit and the inner wisdom there to guide us.

O God of endless possibility. Burst open our hearts.

We pray all this in the name of Jesus, the prophet who offered us new life. AMEN.

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