2021 BC Synod Convention

Journey. Together: Liminal Space

October 21 – 24, 2021

Online Meeting Format

Convention registration is now open for all Lay and Rostered Delegates!
Click on the following link to register:
Registration Deadline is September 21, 2021

Voting delegates for the BC Synod Convention are as follows (as specified in Bylaw 3, Section 2): 

  • Lay delegates from congregations (see Bylaw 3 to figure out how many lay delegates you are entitled to send)
  • Rostered ministers in the BC Synod
  • Lay members of Synod Council
  • Ordained ministers of the Anglican Church who serve a BC Synod congregation or a Shared Ministry
  • Youth delegates (between the ages of 14 and 21), one selected from each Region.

The fee for each Delegate is $200.

Those under call or appointment will have their registration fee covered by their employer (congregations in most cases). Congregations also cover the registration fee for lay delegates they elect and are encouraged to cover the registration fee for retired ministers in their congregation, if they are planning to attend.

Registration fees for Youth Delegates and Lay Synod Council members are covered by the BC Synod.


  • Lay delegates can be elected at a congregational AGM or at a congregational council meeting. Considering that a number of congregations may or may not be holding an annual meeting (in the usual way) during the pandemic, election of lay delegates by the congregational council is an acceptable and responsible option.
  • Since the Synod Convention is meeting using online technology, it’s important that delegates be familiar and comfortable with computer hardware (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) and be able to navigate the software programs for video and audio access. A reliable internet connection will also be important.
  • Training and information sessions will take place for delegates in the weeks leading up to the convention.