International Day of Peace – Vigil for Peace via Zoom

International Day of Peace – Vigil for Peace via Zoom

September 21, 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Kimberly Bortnak
Please contact the synod office for the Zoom link –
Thank you for your ongoing prayers for peace even as the war in Ukraine continues to cause devastation that is felt around the world.  This war has carried on for nearly seven months, alongside much violence and tragedy around the world.
To honour our continued commitment to peace as we pray for Ukraine and the world, we invite you to join us for a special time of prayer online this week at 7:30-8:00pm on Wednesday, September 21st, the International Day for Peace.

In the meantime we invite you to continue in your commitment to pray for all in need of prayers for peace including the people involved in the tragic violence in Saskatchewan, the wars in Ukraine, Afgansitan, Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, and so many other places around the world.   As you are able, we invite you to pray on Fridays at 7:00pm, or a time that suits you, Perhaps this prayer might be a part of your prayer:

Living God, you call to us in life and beyond death. This week we have witnessed more violence, more tragedy, more pain, and so we come to you. We lift up to you the people who have been beaten down spiritually, physically, and emotionally, especially people living with conflict in Ukraine, those affected by the war in Afghanistan, people living with political instability in Lebanon, those in south Sudan, people at war in Yemen, the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, and people affected by violence in Ethiopia. We pause and name before you those known to us who need your strength and our prayers, O God: [name aloud or silently any for whom you wish to pray]. For families struggling in this community as seasons and routines change. For those who are alone and wondering about the isolation of winter. For us all, and for me, Lord God, we pray for peace. Give us your peace that passes all understanding. Grow your peace in us like a mustard seed. Lift us up by your peace as with your saints in light. For our world, for our community, for ourselves, we pray in the name of the one who was, who is, and who is to come: Jesus the Christ. Amen.

May the peace of Christ be with you always,
The Leadership Team for the Vigil for Peace

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