Our Belief
Since 2020, a small group of BC Lutherans has embarked on a journey to explore how the Church should respond to the global warming crisis. CJAG determined that helping neighbours on a planetary scale is a spiritual issue rooted in our biblical faith and liturgical practices. As a group we believe that what the church does matters, and that in these critical years in the life of our planet, the Church must reign in its green house gas emissions, reduce consumption, live more simply, and advocate for poor and vulnerable communities that are most disadvantaged by the climate crisis.

Our Commitment
CJAG is committed to explore what it means to respond faithfully to the climate crisis. It advocates for a green and just post-pandemic recovery and for ecological justice, and it encourages all parts of the BC Synod to engage and be a leader in this urgent work and to prioritize the safeguarding of God’s creation.
Our Actions
CJAG’s first liturgical actions were to promote the learning and activities of the Season of Creation, an international ecumenical observance sponsored by the Lutheran World Federation. It also proposed Synod-wide climate justice policies on transportation, plastics, and zero waste; these were adopted at the 2021 BC Synod Convention. CJAG has also organized several Zoom seminars to familiarize participants with examples of faith and hope in action. 
Walking in faith, step by step, CJAG chooses concrete actions that build momentum for climate justice in the world. We trust God is with us. If you are moved to engage in this work, consider working with us. Together, we can continue to make a difference in this world God loves so much.

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BC Synod Climate Justice Action Group has hosted several webinars, open to all to attend. The recordings of the webinars can be viewed here. 

Climate Justice: Faith Active in Love - webinar with Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda on March 13, 2021 

Lutheran Young Adults for Climate Justice - webinar organized together with the ELCIC on February 19, 2022 

Water and Plastics: What Can We Do! - panel discussion on March 27, 2023

Set Sail on the River of Justice and Peace - webinar with Kathryn Anderson on September 25, 2023 

Looking at an EV? Basics, Myths, and Misinformation - webinar with Michael Stanyer on March 7, 2024 

ELCIC Carbon Footprint Calculator - webinar with Louis Giguere on June 6, 2024