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BC Synod's Missions Committee is inviting applications for grants to fund neighbourhood and community experiments and learning opportunities that meet one or more of the following criteria: 

a) explore what God is doing in your neighbourhood
b) seek to develop relationships with others in your community
c) encourage participation in God's mission in the local community
d) encourage action and reflection learning

Through these experiments, we will continue to learn from and with each other as we share our stories, experiences, and our learning with the rest of our synod and the wider church. 
Experiments need not be large-scale or require the commitment of large dollar amounts.
Successful applications are inspired by imagination and a curiosity about what God is up to in our midst.

Grants are funded by the ELCIC through the CECF, the Church Extension and Capital Fund, and are given on a one-time basis and are not intended to subsidize ongoing funding needs of regular church programming. Grant recipients will be invited to submit the "faith story" of their missional experiments, which will be shared with the synod and the communities and be asked to give an accounting of how the grant money is spent, and to return any unused funds. 
The application deadline is October 15, 2023. 
Applications can be found here  
Information Sheet and Handbook can be found here