The Treasurer's Information Booklet has been prepared for the benefit of the congregational treasurers. It provides general information only on various subjects that the treasurer will need to know. The Booklet is updated periodically for any legislative changes, policy changes, and government, and general financial administration information.


**NOTE: For those congregations in the ELCIC using AON as their insurance broker, they now have a centralized contact to help streamline oversight of our overall program. They have asked that be cc’d when emailing your normal AON contact.

**UPDATE: On page 14 of the Treasurer’s Information Booklet, the AON contact for Montreal should be updated to: Bonald Antoine, phone (514) 840-7852, email

E-transfers to the BC Synod

E-transfers are linked to the office email address: 
Auto-deposit has been enabled. No password is required. 
The message field of the eTransfer should explain what the payment is for. (It is like the memo field of a cheque, but with more space). 

If a congregation is doing their monthly congregation remittance, the remittance form can be e-mailed or mailed separately when the transfer is done.