The ELCIC Mission Fund
Formerly known as Church Extension and Capital Fund (CECF)

Stepping out and trying something new can be scary. Being brave, taking risks, and putting ourselves out there in our neighborhoods can be daunting. Rooted in God's unconditional love, we are washed by the waters of grace that free us from striving for perfection and success. In Christ Jesus, we have the freedom to take risks and to discern God's presence that is alive and active in our world. So are you ready to explore and experiment? Have any ideas on how to hear, see, learn, and join in what God is up to in your community? 

Download the Guide and application form to apply for an ELCIC Mission Fund Grant. Use the Interview Questions form after the experiment to report what you have learned. 

Compassionate Justice Grant

The ELCIC and CLWR work in partnership to foster sustainable development in communities around the world, including here in Canada. This work includes challenging the causes and responding to the consequences of injustice and poverty through Compassionate Justice Initiatives. 

Current deadline for applications is April 15, 2024. These projects need to be completed by the end of 2024, and the deadline to report on the project is January 31, 2025. 

We Are All in This Together

The past few years have been challenging to many congregations. The Synod Council has made grants available for congregations, to help them with funding shortfall. These grants are up to $3,000, and can be applied at any time. See the application form for more details on the funding criteria. 

Download the application form here.