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During the week of April 21-28, engage in a climate justice activity - praying, learning, acting.

Coming together for the love of creation is a way to connect, grow, listen, inspire hope and affect change. Your activity could be visibly joining a community-wide event or creating something new. This is a chance to reach out to other faith communities and neighbours in your climate justice initiatives.

Change takes all of us. Each action brings hope. Let's make hope visible across the country. To learn more and share your events, please click here. 


Earth Day - April 22, 2024

This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Planet vs Plastics”. Take action against plastic pollution by consulting The Earth Day Toolkit, where you will learn that “recycling is not the answer”. also highlights the UN Global Plastic Treaty on Plastic Pollution for which you can sign a petition. It is advocating for innovation aiming at finding sustainable alternatives to plastics.

Sunday April 21st is an opportunity to pray for the Earth and for creation, to encourage congregants to say no to plastics, to join a local beach clean-up project, to recycle  electronics, or to host a community clean-up.

Any day is a good day to thank God for the Earth.