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Are you passionate about addressing climate change and eager to make a difference within our church community?  The Climate Justice Action Group (CJAG) invites you to join hands in our urgent pursuit of climate justice. 

Our mission is rooted in our faith, and we actively engage in various initiatives to raise awareness, inspire personal action, and collaborate with others for effective advocacy and change. Through our efforts, we've seen the impact firsthand: 

  • Engaging congregations in the Season of Creation activities
  • Hosting thought-provoking Zoom Webinars on Care of Creation and systemic environmental issues
  • Advising Synod Council on sustainable practices like green transportation and waste reduction
  • Actively participating in campaigns to protect precious old-growth forests

As a member of CJAG, you'll be part of a team that collaborates, learns, and supports one another. We're dedicated to amplifying our impact across the BC Synod community and beyond. 

We welcome everyone - whether you're curious, passionate, seeking to learn, or ready to take action. You might be a concerned youth, an adult, a church worker, or someone eager to contribute—your voice matters.

To join us or learn more about our initiatives, simply send a message to or email the BC Synod Office at with "CJAG" in the subject line. Let's create positive change together! 

Louis Giguere, Co-chair
on behalf of CJAG