The ELCIC provides templates for employment agreements for pastors and deacons, as well as other church employees. You can find the templates and other information here

The Royal Canadian College of Organists also provides resources and templates for congregations hiring an organist or a musician. You can access these resources here

Baby-friendly Congregations

At the 2016 BC Synod Convention, the assembly passed the following motion:

“Moved/Seconded that the BC Synod in Convention direct the Synod Council to oversee the creation of a guideline for congregations and the Synod Office congruent with the Baby-Friendly guidelines of WHO and UNICEF. Carried.”

BC Synod’s Faith and Society Committee has prepared and collated documents for our use. You can download those documents here. 

While these resources help churches welcome parents of infants, they hopefully also encourage conversations on welcoming children of all ages in our worship spaces. 

Summer Sermon Series

Over the summer, the ELCIC provides video sermons to congregations who struggle to find pulpit supply during pastors' vacations. 

To access these resources, please click here to complete the form.